Why hire a Property Manager

The questions below can help you determine if a property manager might be the right choice for you:

Do you have the time to manage your property?

Do you have the expertise?

Do you speak the local language?

Is your property close to home?

Is your residence large or complex?

Are you embarking on a construction project?

Do you want your vacation home to be ready upon arrival, and not work?

Do you already have some property support (landscaper, housekeeper, etc.) but need additional help, intermittent support, or someone to provide management and oversight?

Why work with us

Action - We take action so you don't have to work while you are on vacation or worry when you are renting your property from abroad.

Attention - No detail goes unnoticed or unattended to.

By the book - Short cuts cost more in the long run.

Confidentiality - All of our activities and communications are strictly confidential.

Communication - We are available for you and your guests and staff 24/7.

Connections - We are positioned to contact the right person to do the best work at the best price.

Exclusivity - We take on an extremely limited number of houses per year.

Experience - More than 10 years experience in property business in Ibiza.

Eyes and Ears - We are your eyes and ears here in Ibiza.

Passion - We Love what we do!

Presence - We are here, in Ibiza.