Inspection & Maintenance

Inspection & Maintenance

  • Perform weekly or biweekly inspections (interior, exterior, technologies).

  • Provide preventative maintenance programs.

  • Maintain structure/s, furniture, fixtures and systems.

  • Maintain gardens, pools and landscape structures.

  • Trouble Shooting.

  • Opening all the widows for ventilation.

  • Flushing, plumbing, ventilating property.

  • Testing electric / electronics, appliances and air conditioning.

  • After storm or heavy rain or wind extra check on the premises.

  • Register and service vehicles.


  • First call for weather, security and emergency matters.

  • Test and maintain backup power systems

  • Facilitate emergency preparedness.

Key holder service

  • We hold the key so we can access the property in emergencies or in case we need to service the property.

  • Afford access to contractors/deliveries.

  • Be available to all your guests and you.